What goes up must come down

For six days I felt omnipotent, grandiose, powerful and all the right words flowed through me as if I were a conduit for all the good in the universe. It is hard to describe how connected I felt to something. When I  start to feel my mood elevate it is difficult to stop it. Stopping the mania is like crashing my party. I just crashed. What goes up must come down. Managing my Bipolar disorder is now theaking up to 50 hours per week. Check out the daylio  app. Daylio is the best mood charting app in my opinion. I will review the Daylio on another blog.

Here’s to another day. I am grateful for my Mr. Keith Klein my father, Debbie from church, and Minnie from NAMI. I love all of you. My hopeisunlimited.

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