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Free BiPolar Classes in San Diego – Hope is Unlimited

Free BiPolar Classes in San Diego These free bipolar classes and low-cost, sliding-scale classes are for family members and friends of patients in the depression and BiPolar communities, as well as those suffering.    Free bipolar classes help you learn how to live better with a bipolar disorder.  Friends and family can learn how to […] email newsletter alerted us to a Free BiPolar Help Book from Amazon

Free BiPolar Help Book

Free BiPolar Help Book Got a link to this free BiPolar help book in an email today from (they send a free daily email of book bargains to subscribers). Demystifying Psychiatric Conditions & Treatments: And Answers To Your Commonly Asked Questions  Vol. 1 by Richa Bhatia, MD Faculty Member, Harvard Medical School   From Amazon’s description: […]

Free BiPolar Disorder Booklet

FREE bipolar disorder booklet describes symptoms, causes, treatments, more

Free Bipolar Disorder Booklet A detailed free bipolar disorder booklet that describes bipolar disorder symptoms, causes, and treatments, with information on getting help and coping. Click to download your free BiPolar-Disorder-NIH-Booklet The free bipolar disorder booklet comes from the National Institute of Mental Health and is also available at the National Institute of Health website. For […]

Famous People with BiPolar Disorder

Famous People with BiPolar Disorder We found this post about famous people with bipolar disorder at MD Junction.  The comments from members had the same questions we have.  Did they just get the right meds?  How are they so high-functioning. The video of famous people with bipolar disorder is essentially a slide show of the famous, […]

National Bipolar Awareness Week

Bipolar Awareness I view that my job as a public speaker to educate the public and patients about mental health issues. I often spread awareness thru telling my story, in speeches and now here on our Community of Hope Site. People need to hear about mental health issues. Awareness helps people understand and become more compassionate towards […]