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Free BiPolar Help Book email newsletter alerted us to a Free BiPolar Help Book from Amazon email newsletter alerted us to a Free BiPolar Help Book from Amazon

Got a link to this free BiPolar help book in an email today from (they send a free daily email of book bargains to subscribers).

Demystifying Psychiatric Conditions & Treatments: And Answers To Your Commonly Asked Questions  Vol. 1

by Richa Bhatia, MD
Faculty Member, Harvard Medical School


From Amazon’s description:

According to the WHO, 450 million people worldwide suffer from a psychiatric disorder. Not even half are able to get treatment for these conditions. This book is written with the goal to enhance awareness about psychiatric disorders so that many more people can be aware and seek treatment. Described herein are some psychiatric disorders, along with various treatment options in an easy to understand style. This volume includes a discussion on ADHD, Anxiety disorders, Depression, Psychotic disorders, and Eating disorders. This book also answers several commonly asked questions that the author has encountered during years of psychiatric practice

This is a FREE BiPolar help book.  It is a kindle edition (e-book).  You don’t have to have a kindle to get it or to read it.  And you don’t have to have a “Kindle Unlimited” plan to buy the book and own it for free.

If you know of any free resources, whether local, national or international, please share in the comments or Contact Us so we may pass them along.

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