National Bipolar Awareness Week

Bipolar Awareness

I view that my job as a public speaker to educate the public and patients about mental health issues.

Picture of a human brain, split in half by a movie clap-board, to illustrate article on BiPolar Awareness Week

         BiPolar Awareness Week

I often spread awareness thru telling my story, in speeches and now here on our Community of Hope Site.

People need to hear about mental health issues. Awareness helps people understand and become more compassionate towards those who struggle. When people break their arm and have a cast everyone signs the cast and has compassion. When people have a mental health episode, people often-times shun the patient. That is wrong. Lets work together to spread awareness. Lets help break down barriers. Let us not be afraid to share our stories.

BiPolar awareness is limited; often limited to TV drama caricatures.

To all those who suffer from prejudice toward the mentally ill, “We shall overcome.”


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