San Diego BiPolar Disorder Speaker Aaron Klein

San Diego BiPolar Disorder Speaker Aaron Klein

Aaron Klein’s story of his ongoing battle with anxiety and bipolar disorder, and the tools he uses to survive and thrive, with feedback from patients and caregivers about their hospital visits and tools of survival.

Picture of San Diego BiPolar Speaker Aaron Klein

San Diego BiPolar Speaker Aaron Klein

Aaron has both the subjective experience dealing with bipolar and the science behind it.

Aaron can help educate the public about bipolar disorder.

Aaron is an expert at relating to patients and has been told many times how his speeches help change peoples lives.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Aaron Klein’s next live performance. Most people do not understand bipolar problems. Doctors understand enough to prescribe meds. Therapists understand enough to help with counseling or substance abuse. But almost no one has a practical understanding. We are about twenty years behind in the treatment of bipolar. We call it a “mental illness”, yet most people who have it are perfectly sane.Aaron Klein shares a down to earth approach to the study and treatment of Bipolar. Professionals and patients alike find his informative and humorous approach to be very enlightening

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this is the intensity that i speak with. in the moment free form. if i can help just one person than its worth it