Sane on seroquel and very overweight vs. delusional at ideal weight…

Three years ago i was in and out of the psych ward six times in ten months for delusional anxiety and bipolar psychosis. I was in good physical shape. Good lung capacity and strength. I could not sleep, could not function at all. In mental anguish from the time I awoke to the time i went to lay down. Then at my Doctors suggestion I try seroquel.  Almost immediately most of the anxiety went away. Little did I know I would gain fourty pounds in three months. My appetite soared and my metabolism slowed to a crawl. I deal with depression every day in some for or another. Poor self image and poor self esteem. Seroquel saved my life, yet I go on a date and do not get second dates. I am a good guy, yet the weight just destroys many chances I may have dating. I will take the sanity any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Better to be live and be fat. I only live once.

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