The schizophrenic Saga: putting myself in his shoes

Once again I must quote “Man up” perhaps my roommate is scared of the disease of schizophrenia I see eating him away. I realized that I have had my generalized anxiety disorder flare up so I decided to float Downstream with the curren. He is scary and he scares me.I must put myself in his shoes. He just got diagnosed with schizophrenia a short time ago. I previously only had read about schizophrenia, and now I am living with it. The insanity at this independent living feels contagious. The disease he is battling eats at my spirit. Maybe he is extremely scared shiftless. I once again must exercise patience and tolerance. There is both a cultural and a language barrier between me and my roommate. My talking to him and pleading for the shouting to stop is probably only adding fuel to the fire of his loud talking at six am in the morning acting as a human rooster. Perhapsand he is speaking to things that only exist in his plane and the only knows how to deal with his disease that way.I don’t feel wanted in both this neighborhood and this house. When I leave I’m going to wake up and feel so much better rather than fear for my existence day-by-day. I once again have understood that it was a choice that I made a series of many little choices that got me here living with a schizophrenic four feet away over and out

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