From Thomas Register to saving lives

It was back in 1996 that I first learned how to communicate on the phone making cold calls to prospective Thomas Register clients.
At the time I loathed it, but in retrospect it paved the way for my future communication with other human beings. Learning how to cold call key decision makers was pivotal to being able to relate to, understand, and be compassionate towards someone else’s situation.
A wise man named Keith Klein once told me that a society that does not take care of its elderly, its children, or it’s sick or disabled, does not deserve to call itself civilized. is creating a community of human beings with mutual interests in regards to surviving and thriving with mental health diagnoses. Keith and and his company is collaborating with me to create a site responsible for saving lives on a daily basis.
People from all around the globe come to learn about Bipolar disorder; a condition that affects two out of every 100 human beings on the planet.

Hopeisunlimited has barely scratched the surface of its potential to influence key policy makers, doctors, social workers, mental health care workers, certified nursing
assistants, patients and their friends and Families.

It is our mission to provide information,support,compassion and whatever else we can do to help make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with behavioral health conditions. We have a unique combination of marketing excellence, science, and the subjective experience to pass on to those in need. We look forward to many many years and Decades of Outreach.

Our hearts go out to all those that are suffering and in need. Together we are making a difference, and together we are going to collectively make it. We love all of you. Peace and love on your journey.

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